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MSA 2018 and Lo-Fi Modernism

If you or someone you love is a modernist, chances are, you’ve been hearing the post-conference buzz from MSA 2018 in Columbus last week. Wonderfully organized by Thomas Davis and Jesse Schotter, the conference has already been praised in a thoughtful recap in The Modernist Review by Séan Richardson, Michelle Rada, Patty Argyrides, and Meindert Peters. I wholeheartedly concur with our across-the-pond colleagues in BAMS that the conference was all “fire emoji” (and yes, I’m gonna keep that spelt out that way, for emphasis) (and yes, I’m gonna keep that spelling of spelt because it’s quite fun to think about ancient grains and also because I’m a shameless Anglophile).

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Hacking the Scholarly Workflow CFP for MLA 2018

“Hacking Your Scholarly Workflow” is a free-of-cost workshop that would take place during—not before—the MLA 2018 conference in New York City. Led by Shawna Ross (Assistant Professor of Modern British Literature and the Digital Humanities at Texas A&M University) and Beth Seltzer (Educational Technology Specialist at Bryn Mawr), this workshop would be one of the two guaranteed programs sponsored by the MLA’s Committee on Information Technology.

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