Shawna Ross

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Professional Experience

Assistant Professor Texas A&M University Aug. 2015-Present
Lecturer Arizona State University-Polytechnic Aug. 2012-July 2015
Lecturer The Pennsylvania State University Aug. 2011-Aug. 2012
Graduate Teaching Assistant The Pennsylvania State University Aug. 2005-July 2011


Ph.D., English The Pennsylvania State University Aug. 2011
M.A., English The Pennsylvania State University May 2007
B.A., English University of Tennessee, summa cum laude May 2005

Book Projects

Leisured Fictions: Hotels, Ocean Liners, and the Scene of Transatlantic Modernism explores leisure—free time that isn’t free—as a literary trope emerging out of the historical appearance of a variety of new leisure spaces (particularly hotels and ocean liners) and of a public discourse evaluating these new developments, are taken up in the work of Charles Dickens, W. M. Thackeray, Henry James, E. M. Forster, Wyndham Lewis, Elizabeth Bowen, Katherine Mansfield, and Evelyn Waugh. For these writers, leisure serves not only as a prominent mode of aesthetic, economic, and social investment in Great Britain, but also as a fundamental field through which transnational relationships were forged and conceptualized. By enfolding oceanic studies and leisure studies into the New Modernist Studies, this book contributes to contemoprary theories of transnational literature.

Reading Modernism with Machines (2016) is a collection of eleven 7,000-word case studies that I am co-editing with fellow digital humanist James O’Sullivan, currently in production at Palgrave Macmillan. Distinguished from current collections on the digital humanities that focus on methodology, tool use, and theory, this collection assembles case studies focused on interpretive outcomes. Contributions juxtapose written argumentation with computer-generated visualizations and statistics to illuminate digital approaches scholars can take to investigate the international literary avant-garde.

Digital Humanities in the Classroom: A Practical Guide (2017) is an 85,000-word book, co-written with Claire Battershill, which has been offered a contract by Bloomsbury Academic. This introduction to teaching with digital humanities methods offers an approachable, step-by-step guide and is enhanced by a thorough, interactive Web Companion, including sample teaching materials and tutorials.

Histories of Digital Labor, Past and Present is a projected collection, co-edited with Andrew Pilsch, currently soliciting chapters and in talks with Routledge.

Charlotte Brontë at the Anthropocene is a projected short book of 40,00 words. It argues that Charlotte Brontë was an important witness of the dawn of the Anthropocene in Victorian Yorkshire who developed a strategy of “topographic realism” to deploy descriptions of anthropogenic ecological degradation as symbols for romantic, bourgeois individualism. It incorporates the Brontë family’s juvenilia and artwork, science writing from favored reading materials, and the early reception history of Jane Eyre and Shirley, as well as uncovers a little-known ecological disaster that the family personally experienced.

Articles and Essays

“The (Meme) Master: James’s Afterlives in Viral Satire.” Forthcoming, The Henry James Review.

“Digital Theme Analysis: Revitalizing Traditional Methods.” With Randa El-Khatib. Digital Humanities for Literary Studies: Theories, Methods, and Practices. Ed. James O’Sullivan. Forthcoming, The Pennsylvania State Press, 2017.

“A Bechdel Test for #MLA16: Gendered Acts of Care on Academic Twitter.” The Journal of Interactive Pedagogy, issue 9 (Summer 2016).

“Hashtags, Compression Algorithms, and Henry James’s Late Style.” The Henry James Review, 36.1 (Winter 2015).

“Toward a Digital Henry James.” Henry James Today, ed., John Carlos Rowe. Forthcoming, Cambridge Scholars Press, November 2014.

Mystery, History, Leisure, Pleasure: Evelyn Waugh, Bruno Latour, and the Ocean Liner.” Literary Cartographies: Spatiality, Representation, and Narrative, ed. Robert Tally. Palgrave Macmillan, 2014. 111-126.

“This Wild Hunt for Rest: Working at Play in The Ambassadors.” Journal of Modern Literature 37.1 (Fall 2013): 1-20.

“The Two Hotels of Elizabeth Bowen: Utopian Modernism in the Age of Mechanized Hospitality.” Utopianism, Modernism, and Literature in the Twentieth Century, ed. Nathan Waddell and Alice Reeve-Tucker, Palgrave Macmillan, 2013. 148-167.

Book Reviews, Encyclopedia Entries, and Short Digital Texts

“Overview: British Literature of the Twentieth Century.” Gale Researcher, Vol. 9: British Literature of the Twentieth Century. Cengage, 2017.

“Mrs. Dalloway: Virginia Woolf’s Modernist Breakthrough.” Gale Researcher, Vol. 9: British Literature of the Twentieth Century. Cengage, 2017.

“Digital Modernism as Method: Recent Publications in Digital Humanities.” Review essay. Journal of Modern Literature 39.3 (Spring 2016): 163-182.

“John Middleton Murry.” The Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism, ed. Stephen Ross. Routledge, 2016.

“Close Rereading: A Review of Jessica Pressman’s Digital Modernism.” Digital Humanities Quarterly, 9.1 (2015).

“Manifesto of Digital Modernism.” With Alex Christie, Andrew Pilsch, and Katie Tanigawa. 12 Nov. 2014.

“In Praise of Overstating the Case: A Review of Franco Moretti, Distant Reading.” Digital Humanities Quarterly, 8.1 (2014).

“Quantifying Yeats’s Dialogues.” Blog post for the Association for Computers and the Humanities. 30 Dec. 2013.

“You Already Know How to Do This: Natively Digital Victorian Studies.” Blog post for Journal of Victorian Literature. 21 Oct. 2013.

“Katherine Mansfield: An Anxious Legacy.” Review of Katherine Mansfield and Literary Modernism, ed. Journal of Modern Literature 36.4 (Summer 2013): 177-182.

Conference Presentations

“Industrial Data Goes Mass Aesthetic in Popular Mechanics and The London Illustrated News.” Modernist Studies Association Conference. Pasadena, CA, November 2016.

“The (Meme) Master: James’s Afterlives in Viral Satire.” 2016 International Henry James Conference. Waltham, MA, June 2016.

“Real Digital Modernism.” Modernist Studies Association Conference. Boston, MA, November 2015.

“Henry James’s Voyages: Reflections on Interactive Map Development.” DHSI Colloquium. Victoria, BC, June 2015.

“The 19 Voyages of Henry James: A Digital Project.” Interdisciplinary Nineteenth Century Conference. Atlanta, GA, April 2015.

“Remembering William Carlos Williams’s ‘The Use of Force’: Anti-Vaxxers, Medical Ethics, and Short Story Syllabi.” Modern Language Association Conference. Vancouver, BC, January 2015. Accepted.

“A Digital James: Problems and Solutions for Modernist Digital Humanities.” Modernist Studies Association Conference. Pittsburgh, PA, November 2014.

“Agatha Christie’s Impossible Vacation.” Modern Language Association. Chicago, IL, 2014.

“Yeats by the Numbers.” Modern Language Association. Chicago, IL, 2014.

“The Brontes’ Multispecies Ethnography.” North American Victorian Studies Association. Pasadena, CA, 2013.

“What Would Strether Tweet? James’s Late Style as New Media Ecology.” Modern Language Association Conference, Boston, MA, 2013.

“One Circus, Two Publics: Laura Knight, Wyndham Lewis, and the Spectacle of Class Politics.” Modernist Studies Association Conference, Las Vegas, NV, 2012.

“‘You cannot go further in life than this sentence by James’: Deleuze, Guattari, James.” Modern Language Association Conference, Los Angeles, CA, 2011.

“Behaving Like a Film Star: Waugh and Le Corbusier on the Cruise Ship.” Modernist Studies Association Conference, Victoria, BC, 2010.

“Locating Utopia In Between: The Temporary Autonomous Zone in Elizabeth Bowen’s The Hotel.” Modernism and Utopia Conference, Birmingham, UK, 2010.

“The Jamesian Action Space: Sociology and Space in Henry James’s Daisy Miller and The Ambassadors.” Conference on Literature and Culture Since 1900, Louisville, KY, 2010.

“Towards a Theory of the Catalogic: The Loose Commodity in Marxist Theory and Modernist Literature.” Modernist Studies Association Conference, Montreal, QC, 2009.

Awards & Grants

Toward a Digital Henry James, Institute for Humanities Research Seed Grant, Arizona State University, Spring 2014. Co-PI with Andrew Pilsch. Outcome: Funded.

Toward a Digital Henry James, Institute for Humanities Research Seed Grant, Arizona State University, Spring 2014. Co-PI with Andrew Pilsch. (Outcome: Revise and Resubmit.)

Excellence In Teaching Award, Penn State English Department, Spring 2012.

Euwema Award for Graduate Research, Penn State English Department, Spring 2010.

RGSO Dissertation Support Award, Penn State College of the Liberal Arts, Spring 2010.

Selected Service & Memberships

Editor, Cluster on “From Practice to Theory: A Forum on the Future of Digital Humanities and Modernist Studies.” Modernism/modernity, PrintPlus Platform. Projected publication date, Summer 2017.

Digital Projects, Tools, and Editions Editor, Journal of Digital Literary Studies. Pennsylvania State University Press. 2015-.

Peer Reviewer, Modern Language Studies, Modern Language Quarterly, Digital Humanities Quarterly, Digital Studies / Le champ numérique, Literature Compass

Member, MLA, MSA, Henry James Society

References upon Request